Commercial Printing Services
Commercial Printing Services



Product Description
The main purpose of envelopes is to hide or protect its contents, especially if the item is to be sent through the mail. Every time you need to send a letter, leaflet, invoice, or any other corporate correspondence, use custom envelopes to let the receivers know where their mail is coming from.

Product Information
An envelope provides the opportunity to make a lasting impression on the receiver, at a relatively low cost. Our envelopes come with different dimensions to fit your requirements.
You may use the larger solid envelopes for mailing promotional materials like packets, presentations, and resumes. For the smaller, more affordable envelope on the other hand, is great for crafting, decorations, and party favors. Our specialty envelopes come in all the colors, styles, and sizes you could ever need.

Product Specifications
•    Material: Win-paq Envelope, Master Paq Envelope, Giant Envelope, Normal Brand Envelope, and Others
•    Printing Color: Full Colour Printing
•    Size: 4.5' X 9.75' (114mm X 247mm), 7' X 10' (177mm X 254mm), 12' X 16' (305mm X 406mm), 10' X 13' (254mm X 330mm), Custom Size
•    Extra Finishing: Security Peel & Seal, Hot Stamping and others"

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